The team at SEQEL have assisted BNZ to make a range of very successful Non-Executive Director appointments in recent years. I have found them skilled at identifying a diverse group of candidates and facilitating the process in a seamless manner whilst working with myself and the bank Appointments Committee. SEQEL has also appointed our last 2 Chief Executives at Eden Park and once again distinguished themselves with the quality of executive talent they were able to access out of the Asia Pacific region.


Douglas McKay, Chairman of BNZ & Eden Park

The Warehouse


The Warehouse has worked with SEQEL since it was established and they have consistently provided the highest quality Senior Executive and Non Executive Director candidates. I’m always impressed with the depth of understanding they seek to achieve about candidate and organisational requirements and the tenacity they show in finding the “right” person. Once placing a candidate their repeated follow up over a long period with both the company and the person is very valuable in identifying any early possible issues and taking appropriate corrective action. They are a company who really care about their long term relationship with their clients and candidates and about getting it right for all parties.


Anna Campbell, Chief People Officer, The Warehouse Group


Beca Group


SEQEL recently assisted Beca to identify and engage a group of potential Non Executive Directors resulting in the appointment of our first female independent board members, Jan Dawson and Catherine Drayton. The quality and diversity of the candidate pool was excellent, as was SEQEL’s service.


Richard Aitken, Executive Chairman, Beca Group


Frucor Beverages


We have worked with SEQEL on a number of assignments, the most recent being the successful appointments of our Group Managing Director and NZ CEO. They invest time up front to really understand what the critical success factors are for a great appointment, both in terms of commercial drivers and experience/cultural fit. The quality of their executive search work is outstanding, reflecting a strong understanding of what we were looking for.


They worked in close partnership with us on both recent assignments and it felt like working with an extended team rather than a traditional supplier relationship. Mark and the team are a standout Search firm in my mind and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


Sarah Langley, Group Human Resources Director


Port of Tauranga


We recently retained SEQEL to identify and facilitate the appointment of 2 new board members for Port of Tauranga. We were pleased to have SEQEL working on the project. Their search was conducted professionally, in the agreed timeframe and the candidates put before us were well qualified.


David Pilkington, Chairman, Port of Tauranga

Alliance Group


SEQEL have been highly successful at appointing ‘C Suite’ executives and board members for Alliance Group. They take the time to ensure we are able to find people with the resilience and passion to thrive within our company. SEQEL are focused on providing the right solution, versus merely making an appointment. Their professionalism and market insights add great value.


David Surveyor, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance Group


Griffin’s Foods


I have worked with the team at SEQEL regularly from 2009, engaging them on a number of high level executive appointments within the business. I have always been impressed with their industry knowledge ability to assess available talent. I have found them to be uncompromisingly diligent on researching talent from offshore. All of this makes them a valuable partner to our business, where talent is the platform of our commercial success.


Alison Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, Griffin’s Foods

Direct Capital

Direct Capital


Direct Capital has been delighted to work with the principals of SEQEL when our Portfolio Companies have been searching for new executives. The SEQEL team has worked closely with us to clearly scope the attributes of the proposed candidates and provide input concerning our requirements. SEQEL remained closely involved with the selection process including structuring of the candidate interviews. A highlight has been the strong list of potential candidates identified and interviewed for each role, in particular, the sourcing of a number of excellent Australian based executives.


Mark Hutton, Partner, Direct Capital


Ballance Agri-Nutrients


The team at SEQEL have demonstrated their ability to produce excellent Non-Executive Director and Executive candidates for Ballance Agri-Nuitients. Their ability to assess our Boardroom culture and requirements has been first class, resulting in us successfully appointing people who add value in the boardroom, yet also interface seamlessly with Ballance management and corporative members.


We appreciated SEQEL providing us with a good deal of variety, versus just well known “name” directors. The team from SEQEL have also worked extensively with our Chief Executive, Mark Wynne, to help him construct his new executive team.


David Peacocke, Chairman, Ballance Agri-Nutrients


Higgins Group


We have worked with Don Jaine from SEQEL Partners over the last eight years. Don contributed to our strategic direction and long term organisational planning. Over time he has helped the family with leadership succession planning, including the appointment of an independent Board, the first non-family Chief Executive and other senior executives. Don has provided us with very useful input into our business and has become a close informal advisor to Higgins Group.


Sir Patrick Higgins, Chairman, Higgins Group Holdings