Facilitating the succession of leadership of any substantial privately owned organisation is a test of management, and ultimately critical to the continued success of that organisation, its people and its stakeholders.


SEQEL partners with clients to design and implement succession plans that ensure the company is best positioned to achieve its long term strategic objectives.


To this end, we consult closely with our clients to develop a strategic picture of the organisation, including its values, philosophy and internal dynamics – as well as the long term objectives and leadership needs.


We will seek, engage and assist you to appoint exceptional leaders who are professional, assured and able to lead your organisation into the future. Succession is by nature a progressive process. For this reason, SEQEL’s Succession service has worked with a great many organisations to:


  • Strategically identify issues and opportunities for the business
  • Get alongside candidates
  • Negotiate and document both the appointment and the appropriate equity/succession transaction
  • Work collaboratively with accountants, lawyers, investment advisors, board members and family to achieve the best outcomes

It is important that the ‘outgoing’ leadership achieves a smooth handing over of the reins to a leader who is driven, capable and who inspires confidence in the future.


SEQEL understands that working with the ‘transitioning’ owner is as critical as engaging with the incoming executive. It is important that owners are assisted in achieving their own goals and aspirations for themselves, and the organisation they helped build.


At SEQEL we have a successful track record of finding executives who meet the succession needs of business owners. Often they will be appointed into roles as the successor of the business owner, ultimately acquiring equity in the business if pre-agreed targets are met.


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