Uncompromising Search

Business Focus


At SEQEL we are professional, competitive and highly driven in all our business dealings. That’s why we’re serious about understanding your business – its issues and opportunities, so that we are best equipped to find the right solution. In short, we ask the hard questions before accepting any mandate.

No Limits


SEQEL is a boutique executive search company with a niche focus that relies on a handful of loyal publically listed, multinational, private equity, cooperative and private company clients. This means we are not limited by the conflicts of interest inherent in the business models of global search firms and local selection/search consultancies.


When we identify the best talent for your organisation, we go get it.

Uncompromising Rigor


SEQEL has earned a reputation for a level of thoroughness and due diligence seldom encountered in the business of finding talent. We actively risk-manage appointments with clients and candidates, using a tailored combination of:


  • Rigorous competency based interviews
  • Structured reference enquiries
  • Credit checks
  • Psychometric testing
  • Qualification verification
  • And other relevant checks


Building an accurate and comprehensive picture of an executive’s history is just common sense.

Unbiased Evaluation


SEQEL works on a fully retained basis. It’s not something we will compromise on. Neither will we compromise on finding superior talent for your organisation, no matter how long it takes or how much researcher or partner resource we need to apply to the search.


Beware of companies that are prepared to put their fees at risk because often their focus is expediency rather than the best outcome for your organisation – after all, they want to be paid. Lawyers, accountants and other professionals won’t compromise, and neither will we.

Consultant Expertise


SEQEL walks the talk when it comes to appointments within our own organisation. Clients do not have to deal with junior staff members. Partners Mark Ashcroft, James Sleigh and Kirsty Simpson will not compromise on the appointment of ‘top talent’ senior executives through a quality retained search approach – our consulting experience and expertise are second to none.

Your business is important to us


When all is said and done, all of our expertise, knowledge and broad networks are no substitute for the hard work and tenacity that we must bring to every appointment we make. Your business is important to us. We will demonstrate this with an unwavering commitment and sheer hard work when we execute your search – no compromises.


For more information on any of our roles please apply via the role or contact our team